Living full time in our motor home allows us to be Ready To Go. . .on to the next adventure!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Time RV Living: One Last Hurrah. . .

Sunday we had visitors. . .


the awesome Austin. . .and big sis Mac . . .

that would be beautiful McKensie for short

if all the grands are grown up. . .adopt the great nieces and nephews!


along with Mom and Dad.


Austin was so exhausted from swimming. . .


walking down to the lake,  playing on the swings,

and having ice cream. . .

Austin and Alyssa in the bluebonnets at Lake Conroe March 2012



I’m surprised he stayed awake long enough to get this shot. . .

Since we won’t be back in Texas ‘til October,

and since we were so close. . .

A wonderful afternoon with my two beautiful cousins, Iris and Georgia

on Monday we drove over to Cleveland to meet up with my cousins. 

I love getting together with them. . .I wish we had lived closer growing up,

I know we missed a lot of fun times.  So thankful for FB so we can stay in touch!


Today, in preparation for our trip to San Antonio tomorrow,

I’m adding magnetic latches to all the drawers and doors. . .

we’re hoping these will eliminate the need for the spring loaded

rods we’ve been using to hold the drawers closed.


and on a completely different subject. . .

this gives a whole new meaning to the term. . .

walking the dog.

The things you see in an RV park. . .LOL!