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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full Time RV Living and Maintenance–You need to look underneath your rig

Our air conditioner is underneath our rig, and since we could not get the inside to cool down, (it was 98* in East Texas) I was convinced that the ducting had pulled loose.  We were parked at my Dad’s place. . .and before he retired, he owned an a/c repair company, and still has lots of a/c goodies left over from those days.  If there was a problem with our a/c’s duct work, this was the perfect place to do repairs. . .

Nope, no problems. . .but guess what I did discover?  Because our rig sits so low to the ground, and because the a/c units are underneath, we have these two massive steel bars welded to the frame to protect all that stuff in case we drag the bottom pulling into a driveway or something.

Well let me tell you. . .those steel bars have definitely done their job. . .because we have even dragged bottom going over an oversized speed bump. . .and I guess somewhere along the way, we must have bumped one of the landing jacks in the rear, because it had popped out of the railing, and was kinda just hanging there.  I don’t think it was in any danger of coming loose or anything, but it definitely needed to be reattached.

It wouldn’t just pop back up into the rail as flush as Dave would have liked, so he went and got a couple of mounting brackets, with plates and bolts, and added them for security. 

So this is my point, we often check underneath the rig. . .you know, squat down, look under there to make sure nothing is hanging loose. . .but we rarely get completely under it to check for problems.   Had it not been for checking the a/c duct work, we probably would not have seen the issue with the jacks until it came down further. . . and was noticeable as we were lowering them to stabilize the rig.

When’s the last time you did a thorough check for issues underneath?  Now might be a good time. . .summer driving season. . .

Have a great one. . .see you down the road!

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Publish Date: 06/08/2011 19:15

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