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Monday, June 27, 2011

Full Time RV Travel–Mississippi–Exploring the Natchez Trace

Sunday, we explored more of the Natchez Trace. . .nothing too exciting, but we love it, so we’ll share a few pics. . .

The driving part of the Trace is a beautiful two lane road. . .no shoulders. . .so we quickly decided not to pull the rig here. . .everything would probably be fine. . .but just in case something happened, where would you pull off to the side?

Hiking on a portion of the original Trace. . .okay, posing for a picture. . .one quick thing we found out. . .if you ask where the trail is, you are promptly corrected. . .it is called The TRACE!

A portion of the original, Original Natchez Trace. . .reminds me of the Big Thicket in Deep East Texas. . .

Hiking through the Cypress Swamp

Always prepared!

And as beautiful as the Pearl River was. . .you couldn’t pay me enough to water ski there! 

Can you say alligators?  Helloooo. . . .

And as always. . .God’s Magnificence is on display everywhere!

Enjoy more pics of the Natchez Trace

Natchez Trace Parkway featured in USA Today | Natchez Trace Compact

USA Today asked local experts to name one great scenic drive in each state and the District of Columbia in time for summer road tripping. The Natchez Trace Parkway was chosen in USA Today's “51 Great Scenic Drives.” ...

Publish Date: 06/09/2011 15:37

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