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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Full Time RV Travel - Safety First - It's a Scary World Out There

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Okay, I admit it.  I have a somewhat suspicious nature. . .probably from walking past "America's Most Wanted" every morning at the Post Office.  I remember looking at some of those posters, reading the descriptions, and thinking, goodness. . .I see people that look just like this out on the street every day.

Add to that, watching a few too many episodes of COPS. . and really, pretty much everyone starts to look like the boogeyman. . .but seriously, the stories in this article RVers Who Do Bad Things
goes beyond even what my vivid little mind can imagine.

Have you had any incidents where you have felt unsafe while you were RVing? I remember one RV'er sharing that someone stopped them at a truck stop to ask them a question about RV'ing. . .and being the nice people that most RV'ers are, they invited him to step inside. She shared that the thought crossed her mind once he was inside the door, "we may have just made a mistake." Thankfully there was no problem. . .but I'm just wondering. . .do you feel absolutely safe being out and about all over the country?

Concerns or Problems with Crime - RV-Dreams Community Forum

The main crime that happens with RVers is theft, theft from outside the RV. We lost our bicycles during a stormy night (noise) and they had to cut three different cable locks to get them, this inside a campground with a gate. ...

Publish Date: 08/21/2009 10:39