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Monday, June 6, 2011

RVs of Every Description Are For Sale - Will You Buy Used Or Must You Have a New One?

The RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) stated, that RV sales are up. This rise in sales only reflects new RV sales, and I must ask the question, why would you want to pay a new RV price, when you can purchase a practically new, barely used unit for a fraction of the price?

The advantages of buying new, beside that new vehicle smell, is that you get a warranty. Well, you sort of get a warranty. Your new unit will come with a warranty, but what if, as happened to several hundreds of new RV buyers across the country, your manufacturer decides to close its doors? How much good is that warranty then when your rig is an orphan? The dealer will not want to do the warranty work because the manufacturer is no longer there to pay the costs.

Now you have a used, orphaned rig just like the rest of us. The only difference is, because we bought used we saved thousands at purchase. And guess what? Having an orphan isn't so bad. All the major appliance warranties are still covered by the appliance manufacturers, and when we needed a little body work done, it was no big deal to find a body shop to take care of things. Any big, heavy duty trailer place can take care of axles, suspension, and tires, so we pretty much have everything covered, don't we?

Of course you must know what you are looking for, and you must know how to negotiate, but there are incredible values to be had. We have been looking at used motorhomes for several months, and have had our eye on one particular unit, but it didn't have as big of an engine as we would have liked, so we have been stalling. The price dropped $30,000 in four months, and perhaps we may have procrastinated too long, because there is now a sale pending. Our loss for dragging our feet. Now we get to start over in our search.

For your protection, you should have a certified inspection done on any used rig. If you are financing the unit, your lending institution will most likely require the inspection. In an effort to pay a fair price, you should do extensive research. There are numerous websites, and books available to help you in your quest, but the bottom line is, you can help your bottom line tremendously by being willing to purchase a pre-owned RV.

If you feel like you don't even know where to start check out this great RV Check List.

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