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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Full Time RV Travel–Working on the Road

We are getting a really late start this year, but finally, at the end of this week, we are starting our summer trip.

We were pretty sure we had it all worked out, but as temperatures began to climb where we thought we were headed, we began to rethink the situation. . .and as RV’ers often say, “Our plans are now set in jello,” and we may completely revamp our destination, and head somewhere cooler. . .like the mountains.

We’ve also discussed off and on whether we wanted to volunteer as camp hosts this year as we travel.  It really does help out with the budget when your camping place is free, and there’s really nothing difficult about it.  We usually like to spend at least a month in an area anyway, and many of the campgrounds are more than happy to have a one month commitment.

With that thought in mind, I began researching availability, and was amazed by the opportunities I found.

Check out this link. . .Working on the Road. . .especially what is available in Colorado. 

I am still researching the possibilities. . .but I was very pleased to find how much is available this late in the season.  Check back often as I will continue to update my information.

Wishing you a wonderful RV’ing summer!

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