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Monday, October 1, 2012

Full Time RV Living–Decorating the Rig for Christmas?

Do you decorate the rig for Christmas. . .and if you do. . .where do you keep all that stuff?


All of our storage bays are filled with everyday living items. . .or at least items that are necessary to living full time in the RV when you don’t have an off premise storage anywhere. . .even the pass through bay, although empty while we are parked, is completely taken up on travel days with the satellite dish, the water filter and miscellaneous other items of necessity! 

When I see folks who are all decorated up for holidays. . .Halloween. . . Thanksgiving. . . Christmas. . .trees, lights, yard ornaments. . .I think they must at least have a storage building somewhere. . .

When the boys got married. . .we gave them all of their collected Christmas Memories to take with them. . .and sold the rest in the estate sale. . .bah humbug. . .LOL!

What about you. . .have you scaled back. . .or do you still go all out?

It’s coming up. . .right around the corner. . .decorations already popping up in the stores. . .just curious?