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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Lake Texana Has Water–I’m so Happy!

and was thrilled to find that Lake Texana actually has water in it. . .so happy!

Lake Texana
This is the best view we’ve had since we left Estes Park in June. . .love looking out over the water!
Lake Texana
The water hyacinth, seen here, and the hydrilla. . .
both highly invasive plants in Texas Lakes are everywhere,
so it will be tough fishing from the bank. . .
but we are certainly going to give it a try.
Lake Texana
however. . .swimming is NOT on the agenda,
but I will be on the lookout for an alligator to get a shot at. . . with the Nikon, of course.

After my tribulations of not being able to peddle back up the hills
in Columbus, I was thrilled to find a nice, flat bike path here
that meanders it’s way for five miles alongside the lake,
and through the beautiful oak and pecan trees. . .

My plan is to be out there on it everyday. . .
and would love to do the entire five miles before we leave here. . .

More on that later. . .as the week progresses!