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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Full Time RV Travel–Is it a Resort, Park, or Campground. . .and How Do You Tell the Difference?

RV Resorts, RV Parks, RV Campgrounds… What’s The Difference? 

article from RV-Road Trips ~ The Fun Times Guide

I tend to agree with the statement in the article above, where the writer says, some of the parks didn’t get the memo. . .

2012-04-30 Mountaindale RV Resort - Colorado Springs CO

We have stayed in some lovely, fabulous places. . .

2012-04-29  Beauty and the Beast Colorado Spring Co(2) (1)
and Passport America. . .no less. . .just wonderful
2012-05-01 Golden Terrace RV Park - Golden CO (1)_thumb[1]
to a parking lot, where we needed to measure to make sure we could open the slide. . .

We’ve driven in to places, and driven right back out, when they wanted to park us
in an open field, ankle deep in water.  I’m sure it was fine normally. . .but seriously. . .
electrocution when we plugged in came to mind. . .LOL!

We all have stories. . .what are some of yours. . .and what do you consider a resort?