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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Full Time RV Living–My Timing is Way OFF!

I was taking advantage of Dave being away teaching a class,
to get some projects done. . .
2006-01-03 003
a big one was taking down the window shade to find out why it
would not go up and down. . .as you can see. . .
ALL the strings have pulled loose. . .hmmm that would probably do it. . .
2006-01-03 005
but, I waited ‘til the sun was at it’s zenith to make it out there. . .
I had to put the umbrella up, so I could have some shade to stand in. . .
did it cross my mind to move it to the picnic table behind the rig,
which has a big shade tree over it. . .oh nooooo. . .of course not!
2006-01-04 001
and then my brainstorm for today was to put the
sleeping bag out in the sun to air out before I packed it away. . .
oops. . .shoulda checked the weather forecast,
‘cause it got rained on when I left to pick up Dave. . .great!

hmmmm. . .wonder what I can get into tomorrow!
We shall see!