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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kansas State Capitol–Topeka

David and Janice - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
Saturday morning found us on the steps of the
Kansas State Capitol
Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
recently restored and refurbished
Capitol Architecture - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
there are no tours on Saturday. . .
so once again we found ourselves exploring every nook and cranny. . .
the architecture is wonderful. . .
and they were kind enough to leave the galleries open,
so we could sit and enjoy the House and Senate Chambers. . .
I rarely try to get pics of them. . .it just doesn’t translate. . .
but they were very beautiful. . .and functional. . .
Murals of life in KS were grand - as were marble statues of famed Kansans - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
fabulous artwork and sculptures in the rotunda. . .
President Dwight David Eisenhower - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KSKansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
President Eisenhower has a well deserved spot right outside the
door of the Governor’s Office. . .
Presentation office of the Governor - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
this is the Governor’s “Presentation” Office. . .where news conferences are conducted. . .
Granite Washstand - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
would love to know the story of this washstand,
which was located in the corner of the “presentation office”
Dome of the Rotunda - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka KS
and of course, my favorite thing is always
the dome of the rotunda. . .isn’t it divine?
See those columns and railings?
If you are on a tour, you get to go all the way up to those,
and look out those windows. . .
I wanted to do that so bad. . .but alas. . .no access on Saturdays. . .boo hoo!
and the rest of the pics we took. . .
on Sunday, we chose to worship with the Apostolics of Topeka
we appreciated the warm welcome, and enjoyed our visit very much. . .
Lake Shawnee Campground 50A Water/Electric only $20 
this is how I spent part of Sunday afternoon. . .reading a magazine,
Lake Shawnee Campground 50A Water/Electric only $20
enjoying the view. ..and being thankful for all our blessings. . .

See you next time somewhere between here and Oklahoma City. . .
‘til then,
Janice and Dave

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