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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Oklahoma State Capitol–Oklahoma City

Oklahoma's State House

this morning found us on the lawn of the Oklahoma State House. . .


State Capitol Park

it was obvious from the moment we crossed into the Capitol Complex,

and drove down the boulevard. . .

Oklahoma's State House

that Oklahoma is an “OIL STATE” and proud of it. . .

way to go Oklahoma. . .I love it!

Oklahoma Black Gold

a prominent painting inside the building is titled “Black Gold”

another prominent image depicts The Magic of Petroleum. . .

you can read the story, and decide how much to believe. . .or not

The Oklahoma State House before the dome was added

we were surprised to learn that for 85 years the

Oklahoma State House looked like this,

because they ran out of funds,

Inside the Rotunda before and after

the ceiling of the rotunda area was flat as depicted on the left. . .

Capitol Dome

this dome existed only on paper until

then Governor Frank Keating prevailed upon

private industry and citizens to raise funds

to have it installed for Oklahoma’s Centennial Celebration

Rotunda - Inside the Dome

this is much more beautiful, don’t you think?

Beautiful Architecture

there were moments of grand architecture throughout the building. . .

and I missed getting a pic of the Grand Staircase,

which was really, really great. . .

you should go so you can see it

Will RogersJim Thorpe - Olympian - MantleSam Walton

Famous Oklahomans

Will Rodgers, Jim Thorpe (Olympian), Mickey Mantle, and Sam Walton

A Storm passing Northwest of Anadarko

and can you ever visit Oklahoma without living in fear that one of these may happen?


We have enjoyed our few days here in Oklahoma’s State Capitol. . .

but it’s now time to pack it up and roll it on into Texas. . .


See you there,

Janice and Dave


more great artwork and architecture of the State Capitol Building. . .enjoy!