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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Oklahoma City Memorial–Remembering


Two different RV friends, Marcia & Paul and Susan & Bob had seen

the Memorial at dark, and highly recommended it. . .

so that is what we did last night. . .

Oklahoma City National Memorial

I really didn’t plan to be so moved by this Memorial. . .

to find the experience so gripping and emotional was totally unexpected. . .

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 068

These Individual Memorials in this Field of Empty Chairs

are planted on the exact footprint of the building. . .

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 059

There were nine floors in the building. . .

there are nine rows of chairs. . .

Each person’s chair is in the row of the floor they were on. . .

Oklahoma City National Memorial

The Children’s Daycare must have been on the 2nd floor

because most of the small chairs are in the 2nd row. . .

Oklahoma City National Memorial

a piece of original wall stands in one corner of the

Field of Empty Chairs

Oklahoma City National Memorial

You know I rarely go into a lot of detail.. .

but this may be one of those occasions that I tell more than you ever wanted to



It was so important for me to understand the footprint

(maybe because I learn so visually)

starting on the left side of the drawings

the Murrah Plaza remains pretty much the same as it was in 1995 


Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City National Memorial              








the Field of Empty Chairs is the actual footprint of the building. . .

the granite walkways around the Field of Empty Chairs

were designed of granite taken from the rubble. . .

the Reflecting Pool was 5th Ave before the bombing. . .

the Survivor Tree actually stood in a parking lot

across the street from the building

and the Rescuers Orchard and Children’s Area

were Businesses and a Loading Dock



These are the Gates of Time. . .

Oklahoma City National MemorialOklahoma City National Memorial

9:01                                     and                                  9:03

Oklahoma City National Memorial

standing at either end of the reflecting pool

spanning a moment of time at 9:02 AM on April 19, 1995 when life changed forever. . .

Oklahoma City National Memorial

and as I sat there looking at the reflection of “The Field of Empty Chairs”

I once again realized how precious this life is. . .

one morning, 168 families got up, got dressed,

had their normal routines, expecting everything to be the same as always,

and in the blink of an eye. . .at 9:02 AM their lives were stolen from them. . .

Oklahoma City National MemorialOklahoma City National Memorial

but just as this American Elm survived the ravages of that day,

and became known as the Survivor Tree. . .

we too must be survivors, but always remember. . .never forget!

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 071

but there’s one more thing I must share. . .

after arriving home last night, I began reading the brochure we had picked up

and discovered that in the children’s area there are hand painted ceramic tiles,

painted by children around the country, and made into a special memorial wall

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0732014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0742014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 075

in the courtyard slate has been installed in with the marble slabs,

and children who are visiting can leave messages using the sidewalk chalk provided

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0722014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 082

I’m so glad we went back to see this fabulous tribute. . .

I almost didn’t make it without completely breaking down. . .

tell me if you agree. . .

2014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0762014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0772014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0782014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0792014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 0802014-09-24 2014-09-24 001 081

really tugs the heart strings, doesn’t it?


The Memorial